WordPress: How to remove meta generator tag?

One of security improvement for your wordpress site is hiding your wordpress version from header tag. WordPress theme always show the version of wordpress by default. in tag named . You can easy remove the meta tag generator by add some line to your function.php file within your theme path.

Login to your hosting admin panel or through your FTP software, then go to your theme folder and download Function.php file. Open it and the follow command at the buttom.

<?php remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator'); ?>

Please remind a space between the line you must not leave any blank line on this file because it will show you an error about “Warning: Cannot modify header information…..”

After that just saved & upload to replace the old one. Finished… Easy?

How to Work with WordPress Custom Fields

This is another great post from smashing magazine I put in my tutorial collection. This tutorial will provide you how to take benefit from the Custom Field Syntax. Actually I never knowed what is it before I read this article.

What you’ll get from this article

1. Spicing Up Post Titles

2. Only Display Posts With A Specific Custom Field

3. Using Custom Fields To Create A Unique Design

4. Search Engine Optimization With Custom Fields

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How to Create WordPress Shortcode

Shortcode is a simple code that come with bracket  for use into page or post to call PHP execute function same as the code to call any plugin to run in your issue such as [poll=1]  fromm wp-poll plugin. This tutorial will provide you learn creating shortcode for use in your site and enhence you a higher level wordpress designer/developer :)

1. Create a “Send to Twitter” Shortcode
2. Create a “Subscribe to RSS” Shortcode
3. Insert Google AdSense Anywhere
4. Embed an RSS Reader
5. Get posts from WordPress Database with a Shortcode
6. Get the Last Image Attached to a Post
7. Adding Shortcodes to Sidebar Widgets
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79 WordPress Hacks Tutorial

10 Useful WordPress Loop Hacks

1. Get Posts Published Between Two Dates
2. Use More Than One Loop On A Page, Without Printing Duplicate Posts
3. Insert Ads After The First Post
4. Get Posts With A Specific Custom Field And Specific Value
5. List Upcoming Posts
6. Display Posts Published One Year Ago
7. Use The Loop To Create An “Archive” Page Template
8. Create Your Own WordPress Loops Using The WP_Query Object
9. Get Only The Latest Sticky Posts
10. Create A Loop Of Images

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